Myohonji Temple 妙本寺

  Myohonji is located near Kamakura Station in the center of the city, but it's very quiet and surrounded by a lot of green trees.  That place was the Hiki (比企) clan's residential area.  Their graves, a historical water well and other Hiki's related things can be seen at Myohonji.


* Hiki clan: One of the most powerful family in the beginning of Kamakura period.  But they were defeated in a struggle for power and the family was wiped out by Hojo family.


  Besides greentrees, we enjoy seasonal flower viewing such as Cherry blossoms, Hydrangea, etc.


Kinubari Yama 衣張山

  Entering a hiking trail at the Hokokuji area, you can reach the peak of Kinubari Yama.  Panorama view at that point is wonderful.  An ancient Rock-Shearing point and Tsuka (stone monuments) can be also seen along the trail.

  However, there are a little dangerous points where a side or both sides of the walk-path fall sharply.  We must say that more attention to your steps shall be needed in the Kinubariyama trail than walking along the popular courses such as Daibutsu hiking trails.


  If you want to walk longer, you can keep going to the Nagoe old cut road.


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